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Boston, MA

Hello, I am Akhil

I am currently pursuing my master's in Software Engineering Systems at Northeastern University. If I am not watching NBA or Anime, I would be developing Android applications in my free time.

I code in a variety of languages spanning desktop and web. Topics of interest include Web Development, Mobile App Development, and Machine Learning. Motivation is the word I love and put into my work every day. You can find all my work on my website or Github.

My Resume


CBIT Student App

Designed and developed an android application with Material UI for scraping Student information from CBIT student website using jsoup library and animations using Lottie.
Made attendance checking time 80% faster from 15s to 3s.

Built using Android Studio, Java, XML.

Cuberun Game AI

Designed and implemented a 3-Dimensional game Cubethon using Unity from scratch and developed a Game AI able to play the game using Navigation Mesh.

Built using Unity3D, C#


Nearby Places

Nearby Places is an android mobile application that allows you to search for any place in your vicinity and nearby places through geolocation, distance using Google Maps API. As many target users are used to walking to these places, so we thought to allow the users to set the desired proximity radius(up to 50kms) in the nearby search.

Built using Android Studio, Java, XML.

Space Blast

Space Blast is a game set in 2-Dimensions featuring a spaceship in a field of moving asteroids, the player controls the moving it around the playing field and shooting at the asteroids to destroy them.

Built using Python.

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Hyderabad, India

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